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Pre-School package consists of 5 Books


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প্রি-স্কুল প্যাকেজ 5টি বই নিয়ে গঠিত 😍

Bangla – Our Bangla book is more 3D adventurous and more realistic to give children a Magical experience with Fun learning. Your child can practice Bangla alphabets through our application.

✅ English – English is an interactive Book for learning English Alphabet from A to Z. With the Application, the pictures of our books will come alive and the sound will help your kids learn more effectively than usual.

✅ Number – After a considerable amount of R&D, we were able to come up with a math flash card collection which is unique. We have a total of 31 cards. In each of them we depicted each number from 0 to 30 which is also read out for auditory learning. In one of the cards, it explains the concept of Zero.

✅ Zoo – Children will be able to recognize 30 animals and get to know some basic information about those animals. Through our application, they can enjoy the movement of animals and their sounds as well. There are 30 cards in the box. 10 birds, 10 fishes & 10 animals. Every card represents an individual animal with some information.

✅ Drawing – Drawing is a 3D coloring book. Drawing can help increase your child’s creativity. Their imaginary colored character will come alive through the application. They can learn coloring physically as well.